Tel: 03 5977 9922
Tel: 03 5977 9922

Palliative Care

Palliative Care (Hospice Care)

SomerCare’s approach to palliative care concentrates on maintaining quality of life by effectively managing physical symptoms such as pain or sickness. We consider the emotional, social and spiritual needs that people may have. Our focus extends from supporting the person who is approaching end of life to their family members, friends and fellow residents. SomerCare staff understand the emotional impact of palliation on an individual and their family, and provide clear, easy-to-understand information to support you to make decisions and understand the process during this time.

All residents’ care needs are modified based on individual wishes and clinical needs, whilst allowing the resident to remain and feel “at home” in their room. If they wish to join other residents to watch TV or simply want a change of scenery when family members join them, our mobile day beds are always available. Families are provided opportunities to stay with their loved one and ensure they can maximise their time with them.

To support our professional, compassionate and quality palliative program SomerCare provides:

  • 24-hour registered nurse oversight and support 
  • 24-hour GP services (including locum services) 
  • Established relationships with hospital and community palliative care and hospice services 
  • Relationships with local churches to ensure spiritual needs are addressed 
  • Expert Family Counselling.

Our palliative care nursing home facilities are second to none. We pride ourselves on the ability to ensure your loved one maintains a strong sense of dignity at all times, regardless of their individual circumstances. Family members can rest assured that we will always treat your loved one with care, compassion and understanding.

Advance Care Planning (Continuum of Care)

At SomerCare we believe in planning well to ensure that individuals’ wishes are understood and respected when they commence palliation. SomerCare supports a structured and compassionate approach to advance care planning, which ensures an individual’s beliefs, values and preferences are made known. Advance care planning commences at pre-admission and forms a core part of the nursing care delivery process, with conversations being conducted by trained, caring professionals.

For full details on SomerCare’s Palliative Care or to arrange for a private tour of our Palliative Care Nursing Home facilities, please contact our friendly staff on (03) 5977 9922.